Client Stories

Geeta Varma (Friends Colony, New Delhi, India)
This is a great program for anyone who seriously wants to change his or her unhealthy lifestyle. I learned life-long healthy eating habits from the nutritional sessions of Dr Vinu Kumar and the importance of incorporating a "doable" exercise program into my daily lifestyle.

The program has helped me lose weight of about 7 Kgs in just 12 weeks, reduce my cholesterol, maintain blood sugar and bring blood pressure to normal range! It worked for me and will work for you too! P.S. My husband vicariously benefited from this program too!

Mr. Ravinder Nath Sharma (CMH Road, Bangalore, India)
I had been trying for a long time to get suggestions for a natural-medicine doctor who could help me with Detox programs. At last, I could find Dr. Vinu Kumar, one of the best doctors who was recommended by a close friend.

I was able to meet with her. She is high energy, wonderful, bright, and was a delight to meet. I am under her treatment and certainly hope to solve my gastric problem as I have already begun to feel good after just 5 weeks of my treatment. Good bless her!!

Ms. Roopam Kaur (Sector 43, Chandigarh, India)
I am a 26 year old female from Chandigarh, India and was getting married in one month. I desperately wanted to lose weight and look really fit for the wedding. I happened to visit Dr. Vinu Kumar and I must thank my stars for the right decision I made then.

Note: There's abundant information on the web and in books as well on how to lose weight and become fit but what's missing is the advantage of having someone customise a plan that works for you. It's important to know which exercise will impact which part of your body and how. Similarly, it's equally important to know what foods to eat, what to avoid and the reasons behind doing so. For me, prior to my wedding, it was important to have a glowing skin, get rid of stretch marks and have a well-toned energetic body. Dr. Kumar helped me achieve all of that.

Mrs S Bagga (Ludhiana, Punjab, India)
I am 52, a house wife, and was a suffering from gall bladder stones for a long time. I was suggested by Dr Vinu for the weakness and I was preparing for gall bladder surgery. In my scan, I was diagnosed with a small fibroid in uterus, stone in kidney and fatty liver with liver sludge as well. After 6 months of following Dr. Kumar's diet plan, when all of the symptoms were gone, I got new tests done again. The report showed that I was left with only Cholelithiasis. Liver sludge cleared, fatty liver disappeared, there were no stones in kidney and no fibroid left in the uterus. My health improved drastically. Initially, I was unable to go for a long journey but now I am planning for world tour. After the treatment with Dr. Kumar, I availed the family package because I understood that "Prevention is better than Cure." My kids and my family have nick named Dr. Vinu Kumar as Dr. Miracle!