About Dr.Kumar

CERTIFICATES: Raw Chef Certificate, Raw Nutrition Specialist Certificate, Raw Lifestyle Coach Certificate, Raw Personal Trainer Certificate and a Doctor with a difference who has mastered the art of combining one of the most trusted medical practice 'Homoeopathy' with the traditional 'Naturopathy' which are truly compatible to each other with the common principle of working on centrifugal basis where toxins are thrown out of body system. The mechanism is completely opposite to 'Allopathy' which works on centripetal basis principle. This dual system is the result of research and long experience of her father in her new house after her marriage who is her philosopher, guide and inspiration and who has personally devoted his life in study of both the systems having a wide practical experience. While serving the patients globally, the goal of the treatment at Dr. Vinu Kumar's Wellness Clinic is to give you the personal attention, motivation, tools, and accountability you need to reach your wellness vision. The clinic is not just a clinic, but it is a Nutrition Consulting and Detox Centre specializing in Lifestyle Management of your disease along with weight management for a perfect health which by the end of the course leaves your 'MIND & BODY' in a complete harmony. As a practicing Nutritionist since long time now, Dr. Kumar has been delivered unbelievable results in all age brackets and has successfully been able to enhance overall wellness by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, controlling sugar, purifying blood, improving digestion (in good absorption of vitamin and minerals from food itself done by Liver and complete evacuation of toxin materials through Urine and Stool) strengthening bones, balancing hormones and thus leading to weight management. Is what we stress upon!!!

Dr. Vinu Kumar masters in treatment to avoid knee replacement surgeries, cure children's diseases such as Gluten Allergies, Diabetes Management (Insulin-depeendent cases), cancerous abnormalities, Raynauds Phenomenon, and even Muscular Dystrophy! Detox, short for detoxification, is the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. Although, detox is primarily thought of as a treatment for alcohol or drug dependence, it is also a term used in alternative medicine to refer to diet, herbs, and other methods of removing environmental and dietary toxins from the body for general health. Detox programs and diet plans designed by Dr. Kumar have been given and successfully followed by per patients around the globe with phenomenal results. Her recommended diet-based program offers the easiest solution to all the ailments by mere slight changes in the daily lifestyle and eating habits. By following the suggested changes in the diet, many people have been able to transform themselves to healthy and perfect individuals. These programs have been designed for people of all ages, raning from infants to senior citizens. Dr. Kumar has been featured in the media and has been a ray of hope and inspiration to her patients worldwide. Her programs have especially benefited the professionals with sedentary lifestyle, teenagers, adolescents, married couples, new mothers, and grandparents. Her program has also been useful to sports persons globally to solve their problems related to sports injuries. Dr. Kumar's approach is to permanently targeting the root cause of the problem. She combines her unique way of analyzing the body with with through food analysis suitable for that individual to achieve remarkable results.

Focusing on the individual body chemistry and thorough analysis of the ailments since birth, Dr. Vinu Kumar provides a detailed list of "WHAT" to eat, "WHEN" to eat and the optimal food combination for the person. She provides a list of the foods that should be avoided and, more importantly, list of foods that are beneficial/preferred for that individual. Her recommendations and guidance can be incorporated for a lifetime, keeping the people healthy and away from diseases. This advice can be termed as SELF HELP, because the recommendations are based on individualized analysis and the suggested diet is tailored for that individual. It is important to know that if one organ of the body is diseased, then the other organs will share its pressure and will get overloaded. Over a period of time, those organs will also grow weaker, causing further deterioration! When a diet-based treatment is done, the body starts supporting the diseased organ, which helps in its healing. Over a period of time, the healed organ starts supporting the rest of the body, resulting in overall improvement of the person's health. Dr. Kumar believes in taking a holistic approach in her treatment. Hence, whether the health problems are related to blood pressure, weight (including weight management), thyroid, hormonal dysfunction, sugar, or even stress, your nutritionist Dr. Vinu Kumar can provide you a better treatment with no side effects.